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Why One-Sided Love Is Immortal?

Our life is full of so many things, One of them is one-sided love. In our life sometimes we love that one person who never even thought of loving us back .why One-Sided love is immortal?

It is under no one’s control, sometimes we see a person and we fall in love with his/her face, talking style, walking style, or overall personality. It is like a virus which comes to us through our eyes and stays forever with us in our life.

And, it can happen to any of us and there is no reason why it happens, all I know is it is our destiny and it makes us mad and we lost all our control on our emotions  

One Sided Love is Immortal

One-Sided Love is immortal because it is pure love and it remains forever in the heart of the lover and it is from the soul of the lover. It had no boundaries of calculations. Moreover, the person who is in one-sided love always think good for the other person.  

Feelings of one-sided love are infinite, a person may lose hunger, sleep and all otherworldly leisure when falls in love with one side. A person always wants to be near to the loved one, cries for the person who wants to be that person all the time. It can’t see loved one feeling hurt or in bad condition of a loved one.  

What to do when in One Sided Love?

Always remember this is feelings from the heart for the other person, you must tell that to your loved one or just put a love proposal for that person. Because there is a chance your one-sided love can convert into mutual love if you express your feelings.   

At least you will never regret in life that you never shared your love feelings for the person to whom you are loving. Let him/her know your feelings because sharing is the first step towards making that person feel how much you love them   Don’t get completely mad if someone rejects you, if it is real it will be there with you and makes you a complete person. Besides, it is not necessary to be with that person for lifelong.  

Everything is temporary what is material but love is immortal, you even if die your love will stay with you. And who knows if there is next life you will marry that person and have a life with that person you loved the most  

Final Thoughts

Love is a chemical reaction installed in us naturally by God, so you should embrace it with the whole heart. It is not about physical desires but it is pure feelings of love which had no replacement, even God can’t replace it if is from the heart to heart. So stay in love and Stay Healthy   Also Read This :