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Importance Of Domain Authority Page Authority in 2019

Domain Authority is an unknown term for many new website owners. The world is digital and So are We, in the competition of ranking higher on Google 1st page, many things are taken into consideration and two of them are Domain Authority and Page Authority. So today we will discuss the importance of Domain Authority Page Authority in 2019

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Why A Website Must Have Higher Domain Authority & Page Authority For Better Seo and Ranking

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DA PA is calculated by many websites online, you just have to put your respective URL and you will get your results

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Importance of Domain Authority Page Authority in 2019

Why DA – PA is very Important in 2019
Daily many websites are made but only a few got into the ranking, the factor which is very important is getting traffic to your website otherwise it will not solve your purpose of getting good hits on your posts and pages and if you had launched your Website for earning it will not give you good earning as well. So Domain Authority Page Authority is very important and it is calculated by many factors which will be discussed below

Factors Increasing Your Website Domain Authority

Social links :

 Google always takes your links shared on Social media in a positive way and thus increasing the trust of Your Website in the eyes of Google. So make content and don’t forget to share it because it will indirectly increase your DA PA

Good Content :

 It’s very simple Quality is the number factor in our world if you want to sell anything , similarly if you make quality content which helps your reader in one or another as per your niche, it will be a good quality content as per google because readers are spending more time on your website and your Website bounce rate is low thus increasing domain Authority Page Authority in 2019 and so on

On Page Seo :

 Always do On page Seo of your Websites before posting or publishing your content which is the most important factor to rank your website in Google also, because once your posts get rank and if you are making good content that people spend time on your website which in turn increase your Domain Authority Page Authority in 2019

Internal Links :

 Don’t forget to use your old posts or  content in new posts and content according to the needs in the blog posts or article which will redirect your reader to the other page of your Websites for more information

Domain Age : 

Nobody will tell you this but the age of your domain which is in working mode creates a high DA PA and thus increasing your Website value also in the eyes of Google

Regular Posts :

 Google Crawler likes new content every time, so we must post regularly on our website so that it will crawl more pages giving wide exposure to your website in search ranks, more people will read more content from you, results in higher domain Authority Page Authority in 2019

Backlinks on High Domain Authority Page Authority websites

Always Create Backlinks on Websites which already had high DA like Facebook, Instagram, Government Websites, Education Institute, Tumblr, Pinterest, Mix, Reddit, Quota etc  and you will get a big list of high-quality websites with high Domain Authority Page Authority on Google

Fixing Loopholes of your Websites

Fix each and every loophole in your website pages, posts and thems like Page speed, bounce rate, alt text in images, keywords mapping, etc which also you can check online which problems are detected in your website, it’s very important, don’t miss a single mistake in your Website 

Conclusion :

It’s very simple if you are physically fit and mentally fit you can do your job well similar goes to your Website if it will cover all the above points it will definitely increase your Domain Authority Page Authority in 2019 and thereby making your website rank higher in google and helps you generate more and more revenue with every content you publish.
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