Article 13 is actually a copyright issued by European Copyright Institution to Youtube , We all know before Youtube is giving us Copyright On our channel whether it is community guidelines or whether it is copy right content
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What Is Article 13 For Youtube Platform In 2019

Article 13 For  YouTube In 2019: You Tube 2019 

Article 13 Is Dangerous For You Tube

Now what happened is European Copyright Institution had taken a strict action against You Tube to protect the Copyright of their Brands in whole Europe by implementation of Article 13 , not only this it is also levied on other asian countries too and article 13 is a direct threat to  YouTube platform and the content creators depend on YouTube

Article 13 Effects

The effects of this Copyright is that many content creators with some very big names are under direct radar of this and their Youtube Channel Can get closed any moment after the law of Article 13 is completely came in to action .

Article 13 implementation Due Date or Last Date for You Tube

As per the reports till December 15 Youtube will give it’s final decision as what channel is under threats or either the whole Youtube is under threat is interesting to see in coming days
Many small and big youtube content creators are living their livelihood on YouTube only , lakhs of video are uploaded on YouTube which is in danger by the implementation of Article 13
Which Channels Are Under Threats by Article 13?
Any Channel who is using Copyright material and content of European Brands in their videos like unboxing videos , Copyright music , Copyright memes and anything which is property of others are under threat of getting their channel get closed under Article 13
What Should We Do To Save Our Channels From Article 13
We can’t do nothing but have to wait for the final decision of Youtube which will come till 15th of December , because this time the Copyright is directly levied on YouTube as article 13 by European Copyright Institution and lots of creators is having their heart in their mouth
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