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How To Make Money From Blogger Using AdSense?

When it Comes to earn money Online we became so alert and conscious, So I am teaching you one of the ways as of How to make money from blogger using AdSense.

We are living in the 21st Century where fast internet connection is available in every mobile phone, we can watch movies online, play games online, become famous online and also earn money Online.

How To Make Money  From Blogger Using AdSense  in details as below:-

#1 Sign up for Blogger Using your Gmail ID

If you already had a Gmail ID it’s good but if you don’t have it learn how to create it from here, now once you have a Gmail Id just Sign up for Blogger Account using your Gmail ID

 #2 Create A blog as per your Niche

 After Sign up just login into your Blogger Account and Create a Blog on your Niche, which can be on anything depending on your knowledge and skills and hobbies, do as shown below

#3 Create Posts on Your Niche

Now you have decided your Niche just Create few posts on Niche, which must contain detailed information of that subject so that when your user comes to read your posts had a satisfied feeling of getting everything for that particular subject. Create a series of posts regarding your Niche in blogger and try to make it user-friendly with best of images related to your posts for which your user can co-relate easily

 #4  Selection of blogger theme

Select a Simple Theme for your blog in the beginning to get ad-sense approval, which is already available in Blogger, for reference I will give you below which you can select from there

#5 Now create this pages for your blog

a) Home
b) About Us
c) Disclaimer
d) Privacy Policy
You must compulsorily create these pages in order to approve your AdSense account for your Blogger website.

 #6 Purchase a good domain

Now you have already created 30-35 good posts on your Niche, what you have to do is purchase a domain related to your subject, and integrate it with your blog and you are done

#7 Sign Up for AdSense

You must sign up for AdSense using your Gmail ID and use the Same Gmail ID you used for signing up Blogger Account

#8 Connect blogger with AdSense

Besides just Connect your Blogger with Ad-sense now and Google team will verify your content and if they find it according to their policy you will get the approval of ad-sense and once you get approval just copy the AdSense code in your blog website and after few hours Google Ads will start showing on your Blogs.


Note: Never Click by Self on your Ads as it violates Google AdSense Policy

#9 Now use a free external theme or buy one 

Moreover, don’t expect to earn money from day one, start working on your blogs from optimizing your Blog for SEO to Selecting external Themes for your Niche and also use others theme buy them for your Blogs or you can use free themes too which are already available but I will prefer to buy them

#10 Do some basic SEO

Furthermore, when google will see your content and think it is useful to readers they will promote and your earning will start slowly and steadily but keep patience and learn more things about blogging optimization, SEO Techniques to Creating Wonderful Backlinks for your Blogs and read some SEO tips for Google AdSense Policy 2019 and stay Updated about it 


Note: Never ever use Copyright Content of others, create only a few blogs but by yourself only of what you know and can explain well, Copyright Content and Images will hurt your blogs and may you will not get AdSense Approval also.

So friends just use the above points and earn money from blogger and AdSense

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