We all play some games on android phone all the time . We all have expertise in one or another games which we play like a champion and wants to display our gaming quality to others . Yes friends you can do it easily with some applications which is certified by YouTube Friends today i will discuss with you in detail of How to do live streaming of Games on  You Tube from a mobile smart phone very easily .

So the application on android phone which can give you chance yo stream mobile games from smart phone is “YouTube Gaming App ” .

Let us discuss in detail step by step  as how to use it and do live stream on YouTube

Step 1 : Download the app from Play store from here : Youtube Gaming App for Android 

Step 2 : Configure it with your gmail id : [email protected] (use for login in to app)

Step 3 : After Login you have to click on the upper arrow symbol i had marked in the photo to move to the next page

Step 4: Now Click up on the upper side arrow with wifi this signal as shown in the photo

Step 5 :Now when you click this option again you will come up with this page showing two symbols like this

Step 6 : A few Tips for you just click next after reading it properly

Step 7 :Select the App or Game you want to do live stream on YouTube

Step 8 :  When you select the app this kind of options will show up like in the photo below with four options , Video , Mic , record , and settings

Step 9: Now when you click on record button it will start the streaming and your game is live on YouTube

Step 10 : Now when you want to Stop recording or stop mic or video ,on the top options given should be used as shon in the image

So guys it is very eay to live stream a game or app on youtube from android smart phone , if you like the post dont forget to subscribe or follow our blog…

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