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How to Create a Gmail id for the first time?

Hello friends today I will teach you ‘ How to Create Gmail Id for the first time ‘ if you are a new user or had just entered the internet world

We all know an email id is very important for many things from sending useful information to send your bio data for a job ,so this blog is usually written by me for the new users who don’t know how to create an email id , and mostly we are using Gmail Id so let’s discuss it in detail

Complete information about Gmail account and its benefits

We all know about email and ask for an email everywhere today because any important information can be put on email. E-mail means electronic mail, or digital devices such as email, computer, tablet and mobile phone It is the method of exchanging digital messages among people and email first entered in sufficient use in the 1960s and in the mid-1970s the form is now used as email. 

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If you have created a new email ID or created your account on Gmail today we are going to give you complete information about Gmail in this post, such as who you can send email to, how you can reply to someone’s email, and This complete information is given step by step below you how can delete your email score.

When we open Gmail, we see a page as shown in the photo, there is not much difference between the message box and Gmail in our phone, let me tell you the option of one by one.

When email was invented, nobody knew that its use would be so important today, all official work is done with the help of email, as bigger companies, it does all its work with the help of email if your email ID, you should immediately create your email ID because an email ID has some advantages that you might not know.

Steps to Create a Google mail ID

1) First of all go the Google page either in Mozilla or Google Chrome or your favorite search engine
Google link :here 
2) Now put in the address bar this address
Gmail Link


3) Now click on the registration button like this as shown in the picture below and fill up all the details including gmail  password


4)Now when you had filled up all the details google will ask you to create account ,just click on it and google will verify your details and you are done for your 1st gmail id and never forget your gmail id and its password so that you can login easily next time…