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5 Best Ways To Increase Self Control In Your Daily Life

In both personal & professional life, self-control is very necessary. Because without discipline and self-control, we can’t achieve our goals. Today in this blog, we will discuss 5 Best Ways To Increase Self Control In Your Daily Life.

#1 Do counting

Whenever you are losing control over yourself like losing patience, getting very angry just start counting from 1 to 1000 and start focusing on numbers until you forget what thought had made you angry or impatient. This is a tested formula which works 100/100 times

#2 Focus On Your Breathe

Again when losing patience or can’t divert your mind from negative things just focus on your breath pattern and count 1 on inhale and 2 on Exhale, repeat the pattern until you find your self in calm state, just focus on your breath because your life is the biggest debtor to your breath, you must improve your breathing skills which in turn will make you more happier and calmer

#3 Listen to Favourite Songs

Listen to the songs which you like the most when you know are so much tensed and on the verge of losing control over yourself, listen your same favorite songs again and again on loop and try to understand the meaning of the songs as it is the only objective of yours at that time in life and it should be accomplished in best way

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#4 Everything is Nothing

Whenever you got very angry or impatient or losing control just remember one thing, what will happen if you will not get impatient and angry or losing any kind of control over yourself because at the end it will gonna over and you will feel that you had wasted lots of energy and had done nothing productive out of it? Because on whatever reason, thoughts, the situation you feel at that time is gonna end up in nothing, so why to lose self-control

#5 Look At Stray Dogs

Yes look at Stray Dogs, they are living a hell on this earth, for food, for shelter and every they have to depend on human beings and still they always smile even in worst situations of life, Some dogs don’t have legs still they live joyfully, some dogs are blind and some are alone roaming on streets and sidewalks but never complained I had nothing or I can’t do this. They do their best to survive so why to make an issue or loose control is the biggest thing human should learn from stray dogs. If and only if this 5 major points you will remember in your life, biggest and toughest situations in your life will never make you lose self-control over your self but again you must remember it and put it to the application at the right time