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How To Bring Unpaid Organic Free Traffic To Your Website In 2019?

We all know SEO helps in getting traffic to your blogs or your website, but sometimes after so many efforts, negligible traffic is coming to our websites and blogs.N ow let us understand in detail how to bring unpaid organic free traffic to your website easily in upcoming years of 2019.

Why keywords research is most important for organic free unpaid traffic

Now here are the questions, we are curious all time, after writing good content for readers, helpful articles still no organic traffic on websites and blogs. So what I am doing wrong . I have done SEO also, but where I am lacking.   Now let me make you clear the biggest factor which let your website not coming on the Google search on the 1st page is the choice of title and keywords which you are making again and again  

Let us understand what is keywords and title optimization:

First of all, you have to do research on how many titles like you using already coming on the Google 1st page.   The similar search for keywords which are coming on 1st page which is used by others.  

Now once you know the search for the keyword density and monthly searches for that particular keywords on trend basis in Google keyword planner tool to bring organic traffic.  

After doing that compare the keyword you have used for your titles and content of your blog.   In the initial phase use long tail keywords which will bring some traffic to your blog, and with good content, you will make some followers by organic traffic search.      

Once the audience and readers increased you can use short tail keywords but again make it a part of your blogging to use keywords research tool.  

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Internal link for organic unpaid free traffic

Use internal links, like use your previous posts link into your current blog post i.e people who are interested in “X” topic will also read that post, but again make Content so Powerful every reader can’t resist subscribing to your website’s and blogs.  

As for example, the percentage of keywords and phrases you use in your content should not be more than 5%.   Understand deeply the process of keyword optimization.

Also, because whenever Google crawler is coming to crawl your data. It will see similar data with so many factors which are ranking on Google.

And after deciding the parameters it will give you page rank. It will be as per your post or content in your website’s and blogs.

Try to use your major keywords which represents the subject of the blogs. In every paragraph of your posts at least one time and make it BOLD.

So that it will be easier for the crawler to understand what this blog or website wants to focus on. Another part is using the same keywords in Permalink, Images, Subheadings. It will makes sense, tags which are connecting to your website and blogs.  

Keywords Research

Make keywords research a part of your planning. If you are writing good content then why don’t give time for keywords research. When you regularly follow this pattern, you will see your posts and pages will rank in Google 1st page.

And you will get more audience which in turn increase the value of your websites and blogs. Important point: Don’t lose hope, just keep on making good content. One day your page will surely get rank with the good amount of Organic traffic. Moreover, make sure enough you write good content with keywords research on a regular basis.  

I hope you understand the formula to bring Unpaid Organic Free Traffic To Your Website In 2019? Friends if you think this blog is useful to you never forget to follow me, for more future useful content.