Uncle Vasili most Spooky Night


My name is Soniya and this is the story that I am going to tell you, all this happened with the maternal uncle vasili Ruskiova. All this is about the time when my maternal uncle used to work in moscow. Prior to joining a government job, he used to do private job in a company. He had a friend that used to work there with him. Both were very good friends. Then their job was only for 5 years. And they both became very good friends. 

haunted friend
Uncle Vasili most Spooky Night
Maternal uncle explains that both the friends were less and the brothers were more. Maternal uncle said that every day as he went to the office and reached the office, his friend, whose name was sergai, said to him, “Man, you will never go to my house with me, but this time you will have to go because I am married.” In those days, grand uncle’s health was not good and my maternal uncle was the only son of my grandfather, so he could not leave them. So they had to stop with their grandfather. But my maternal uncle said to sergai that brother can not walk with you right now. But I will definitely come later. Horror stories of russia. He was a little angry but, after speaking  to him, he agreed. It was a year passed by itself. But maternal uncle could not visit his house for some reason. In the meantime, the friend of maternal uncle had left the office because he talked that he had a boy. 
Maternal uncle tried very hard after sergai’s departure, but his number was always closed. Where maternal uncle’s friend lived in siberia, maternal uncle went to that place, his room mate got an address from his house and the maternal uncle decided to go home. Maternal uncle came out towards a village of russia, whose name was Ukraine. The maternal uncle went to the place while reaching the place and the place where the bus had lowered him, that too was completely deserted. There was no one besides the nearby maternal uncle. On walking a bit, maternal uncle got a man. Seeing her, she came to know her life. Maternal uncle was going to that man, but he did not know very much about going away.
Uncle Vasili most Spooky Night
On passing, they saw that this was his friend sergai. maternal uncle got very upset and he asked him hey sergai! So how are you here? He told them that Tom gave me the news of your arrival. TOM was his roommate, so the maternal uncle took his adress. Then she said, let’s go home. maternal uncle did not feel anything right maternal uncle asked how do you know that I am coming from the night bus. sergai said, talking about the matter, leave all this and tell me how about you? And forgot to ask maternal uncle in talk about how sergai came here. Horror stories of russia in english

Where the spooky Drama Begins

After some distance, maternal uncle said, “I am very hungry.” There is no short path, yet your home and how far is it? Sergai said the short cut is right then, but it is a raw path that goes through the middle of the field and it is very dangerous. maternal uncle said, “What kind of talk you are talking about is not scary and maternal uncle is going to get on the same road, and finally, they both start going through the same raw path.” But, going away from there, the maternal uncle seemed very dreadful. Because he was seeing his friend again and again, but his face was not clearly visible. That meant that he was looking at his face but, in his mind, he could not make a picture of his face.
Now both of them were walking that maternal uncle felt that there was no other side going along with them. By then it was still fine, but after a sudden, sergai stopped speaking. She was walking like this, as if some alive zombies are running. And now it was clear that someone else was walking along with them. Only then a maternal uncle’s friend disappeared after reaching a huge tree. Then the maternal uncle saw a woman sitting in front of her in front of the tree. Seeing that, maternal uncle was very afraid. At the same time, the woman came out of the tree and stood standing before them. And now there was also a child in his hand. But, that child dont have the head. Seeing this, maternal uncle became unconscious. 
After some time when maternal uncle sensed, his friend stood in front of him. Seeing a friend in front of him, he asked where did you go. I saw a woman on that tree who had taken a child in her hand. maternal uncle was very tired and very scared too. Horror stories of russia in english maternal uncle said biting his talk and leave all that you come from such a long journey, you must be tired, the walks go home. maternal uncle did not know what had happened that he also walked with them. But, after going a little further, maternal uncle began to feel that someone was walking with them. But, this time maternal uncle was able to see that woman clearly. She was walking along with Arnold. He was puffed up on his head. So his face was not visible properly. 

Maternal uncle did not have the courage to speak anything. They were just going to go quietly. The mind itself was remembering God. After some distance, maternal uncle saw that the child who was in the hands of that woman was now sitting on the shoulder of his friend. Seeing this, his heart stopped beating like this.maternal uncle mind was thinking that I was caught in a very difficult situation today. Today I will be sure be dead , Thousands of thoughts were coming together in their minds. He was just waiting for his death to see that the child who was sitting on the shoulder of his friend is now hanging down his hand. So long they were reaching the ground.
 Maternal uncle looked up at her face while looking up and saw that her head was not cut off, but she was hanging back from the neck. Uncle was just going to be unconscious that she shouted at who she was sitting on your shoulders. But, only then Uncle saw that sergai had no face.


 Uncle ran away from there and ran away till they saw the light. Running, they seemed to have someone running with them. But, something was not visible. Uncle ran straight to village. Some people came and reached. Uncle fell unconscious when she reached them. When the eye opened in the morning, it came to know that sergai and his two-month-old child died. Uncle asked how he said that one day his child was very sick. The doctor said that he will have to take him to the city hospital. And those people were going by the way to the fields. So that you reach early. But on going from there, an electric pit broke down and the lightning wire fell on them, and all of them died there.


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