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Haunted Story of Room No 309: An Unforgettable Experience

So friends today’s ghost story is at a hotel which can not be called full haunted, but there was something in it that made the hotel different from other hotels. So let’s go further in the story ” Haunted Story of Room No 309 “

Mario and his girlfriend were going on a trip. Those people were going to Oslo for outing Their first plan was that they would first go to their hotel and they would rest there when they reach Oslo. They were going by his car where they came to know the way for going to the hotel was stopped due to heavy landslide in that area, which was going to open tomorrow morning after cleaning the wreck.   

Mario thought now where to stay today,  his girlfriend did not have to wait for a room so they book in a nearby place, just for today and tomorrow morning, they will leave for the hotel. Mario liked this idea and they started searching in his car nearby looking for a hotel there.  

They went in search of the hotel and found one is deep dense forests road . There is not a single man found on that road.   

They see an old man who was a drunkard sitting on a big rock, Mario stopped his car in front of him and asked for hotel and an old man pointed out in a direction and again started drinking, but he did not speak anything. 

Mario was now on his way towards the hotel shown by an old man As they went away they saw a hotel. The hotel was not as spectacular as it was, but it was ok to have one night stay. Mario and his girlfriend went to the hotel where a man stood on the counter.

Mario asked the man for a room key and asked for a day to stop. The man replied in affirmative that you can stay here  Sir but you have to pay the rent for two days. Mario gave money and asked the man for the key  

The man stood for some time and after taking a pause, he came out with a key to a room and gave it to Mario with a mild laugh. Mario could not understand why he laughed  He looked at the key which had no. 309’s written on it. He got room number 309 key with his girlfriend and went to check-in.

They saw that the first and second floors were filled with good people, all the room was already booked there. But the room number 309 was on the third floor, the entire floor feels deserted. Those people quietly opened their room and checked in. The room was good from inside.

Mario go to the bathroom to become fresh, so he saw that there is no water in it. He picked up the room telephone to call the hotel staff and dialed the phone. The phone was picked up but there was no sound from the sound just slight laughter and the phone was cut. Then suddenly a call came on the same telephone.

This time the staff of the hotel staff asked, “Sir, please speak what we can do to help you.”  Mario asked to come there and solve the problem of water in their bathroom

Staff asked for room number . He replied Room number 333 and heard the staff’s voice slow and frightened. The staff panicked and said, “Sir what are you doing there.” Mario asked why the staff screamed staff asked Mario to get out of that room as soon as possible and come down. Mario did not understand anything and the staff asked him if he asked the reason, Sir, do not ask questions. Just get out of that room as soon as possible. You are very much in danger there.

When he heard this, Mario cut the phone and told his girlfriend to get out of there with luggage.  He was leaving now but faced a knock on his door. Mario repeatedly asked who was out there. Mario and his wife understood that there is something paranormal out there.

Both of them were horribly nervous. Then the light of their room was cut it became dark. Then came the voice from the sound that you had called to fix the water. I have come to him. Mario thought that even when the staff is downstairs and they told me to come down then who is outside the room, Only then did Mario hear the slow laughter which he had heard while taking the key on the phone and below.  

Then the room telephone was again called the phone staff, he said, “Sir you have not come down to now” Sourav said that there is a staff of a hotel who has been saying that he has come to solve the water issue.   The staff said that “nothing should be done if you do not open the door or your death will be in front of you.” Mario agreed to hear this. The staff said that you are staying in. We have come up with some people.

The phone was cut off by saying this. After a while, the voice came from the door, “Sir you can come out.” Mario heard the voice of staff as they came to his rescue Mario opened the door and had a deep breath and all of them went down.    Mario saw that the staff at the first counter was no longer there and someone else stood there in his place.

Mario told the matter to all, then the staff said that the prisoner who was found by you earlier was actually used to work in the same hotel and room number 309 of the same hotel and died a  mysterious death and his soul still wanders near hotel room no 309. Mario understands the whole scenario of the happenings. 

So friends have you ever encountered this kind of stuff in your life, if yes comment below