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Why Google Is Not Indexing My Posts ?

Google Not Indexing My Posts 

Why Google Is Not Indexing My Posts ?
Hello All , it’s some times very annoying for us even after we publish posts ,we don’t see Google indexing our blog posts .So what is their left from us which is blocking our posts to indexed
If you are a new blogger , you must have patience because there is lots of process going behind in Google Engine
What I want to tell you is that like if you had post your 1st blog posts and you are waiting to see your blog in search results ,it will not happen overnight
You have to take the 1st step by creating a sitemap and submitting it to Google search console or webmaster tools
Because google crawler will not automatically index your posts ,you have to tell the crawler about your content by creating sitemap.

Moreover even after that if google is not indexing your posts than there is a big problem lies in your content like
A) Copied Content
B) Too much Internal Links
C) Poor Content

This are some problems you will face when you have not focuses on the above points
So what I can do ?
You don’t have to do much just sit back and relax and write Content regularly which is useful to your readers and make it a habit to post content on the same time you post it
So friends I hope you understood the reason why your posts not getting indexed , if you know more than this never forget to comment below…