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Playing PUBG Best Game 2018

Guys today I will share my experience playing PUBG the best battle royale game of 2018
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Playing PUBG Best Game 2018

                 Playing PUBG Best Game 2018

We all love games but we all have different choices too. There are many areas in the gaming world and there is an N number of games developed till today and also some high Vfx games are in developing mode which can change the way we look at games. And PUBG emerged as a hot favorite game of 2018 
 Today I want to discuss my PUBG playing experience as a gamer on mobile as well as Simulator
Also, Gamers are of different types, people like strategic games, other gamer categories may like Action, Fantasy, Sports and other types of games.

My Experience of PUBG Game

Now coming to the topic, So that PUBG I love playing it, but what fascinates more to me is the concept it brings within the game. Likewise, I had played counter strike so much in past days but it is restricted to a small map and it had some pros and cons

Now PUBG is a battle Royale game which had a huge map and it gives you a situation where you can explore your inner self in context to your survival skills, your skill as a leader, medic, driver, sniper, as a strategist and many more skills which came into action while I PUBG game.
When I was playing PUBG for the first time, I am kind of a learner and just when I jump from the plane to the ground with a parachute I don’t understand what to do or what is my next step, but after playing 10 to 20 times I learn the basics of the game.
Now whenever I jump from the plane I know where I have to land, so I should follow one of my teammates or I should lead, and I get to know the map better with playing the game again and again

The funniest part of PUBG

Now before entering in to the PUBG game we all have to wait for 100 people to get in to the game which is in to teams of 4 people each and are enemy to each other and they doing different actions before we land on the plane, sometimes our own team members hitting us ,someone is running straight in to the ocean ,someone is jumping from plane wreck and other is crawling while another one is doing nothing .

Online Chatting with Our Team 

Another aspect you can talk with everybody if you have kept Mic On on your phone and Simulator Pc  and you match come from different countries, as well as server, automatically decides as per the players request to join the PUBG game

My initial Strategy of PUBG

I had played this game many times and had tried to experience it differently , initially I jump with others and got killed easily buy others but then I stop following others and just jump in to the far safe zones where I expect fewer people will jump, which gives me an advantage of collecting weapons and armoury required for a competitive battle

When the Circle becomes Smaller

This part haunts me sometimes because many times in initial when I just gave a hand to PUBG I stay far behind the white circle zone where Game gonna finally ends because I can’t understand how to see the map and many times I died out of the zone with good health

My Favorite PUBG time

When there are only 5 players remain in the game at the end and I got the Sniper with an 8x Optic Zoom hidden in some building or in the grass with camouflage in Grass Suit, I loved that scene and feeling at the top of the world

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Though I am a vegetarian I always want to eat this virtual Chicken by coming 1st in every game which is impossible because there are many better players in the game, though I am also the good one now who had won many times “Chicken Dinner” in PUBG game

So, friends, there are many good experiences of mine while playing PUBG which I can’t discuss all in this article, maybe I write something more about PUBG in future.

Guys Share your experiences of playing PUBG in comments ..

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