Why every Car owner must get their Car Insurance in 1st place and why Car Insurance is very important for every car owners

Why Car Insurance Is Important For Every Car Owner?

Two Cars having Crash with each other
Why Car Insurance Is Important For Every Car Owner?


In Simple terms , Car Insurance is a protection against financial loss against any theft , Accidents and any unforeseen mishaps of car or Car damage. Also you can call them ” Motor Insurance ” .Car insurance can provide you with cover if you’re involved in a car accident. It’s also a legal requirement if you own or drive a car, unless you declare the vehicle off-road and keep it on private property.

Let us understand Motor Insurance with a real life Example

Example 1:
Mr “A” who is a new car owner and a newbie driver who had got the Car Insurance is on a trip to someplace in X location with family.
On the way, he met with an accident where no physical injury happened to anybody in his family but the front Bonet of the Car is completely damaged.
So in this case, as he met the accident in a time period where is car insurance is Valid, his car repair cost will get under the insurance policy.
What as a car owner you must think upon is though being a new owner he met with an accident, whereas he had never thought in his worst dreams, he will face the situation on his 1st-holiday trip.

Example 2 :
Mr “B” who is an experienced driver and car driving is like a cake walk for him who can drive long distances like a pro. He is a man who is driving from 20 years and never met even with the smallest accident in his life, neither he is paying for Car Insurance ever.
One evening he planned with family for a tour, everybody is enjoying the trip but a high-speed truck from the opposite direction just hit the car , thank God everybody was safe with some minor injuries which might be a major Accident but he was lucky enough and Car is completely damaged from front with airbags opened on time.

Example 3 :
Mr “C” who had always insured his Car or never had Car Insurance or Motor Insurance on time all his life but he never face any accident, neither a small scratch comes to his car.
So what category you want to see yourself,
Mr. A – Who had car insured but met an accident.
Mr. B – Who Don’t have the car insured and met a serious accident.
Mr. C – Who has always had Car Insurance but never met an accident his whole life
I hope the topic justifies this blog completely ” ?” 
I left this up to you and want your answer reasons too why  ” CAR INSURANCE ” is most important

Some important questions related to Car Insurance;

I hope the topic justifies this blog completely.
I left this up to you and want your answer OR  reasons as too why  ” CAR INSURANCE ” is most important for every car owners

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