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What Will Be There If Nothing Is There?

This question haunts me, or you can say this is the only question which I am finding but I don’t have an answer to it till now.

A street showing a Sign board written nothing on it
What Will Be There If Nothing Is There?

           What Will Be There If Nothing Is There?

This world is so big and my mind is so small to understand its complexities. I don’t think I can find these answer by doing a google but might someone had this answer on our mother earth for What Will Be There If Nothing Is There?

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Every Night when I see the sky I can see lots of stars which are way beyond our reach but we can only see them.
We are passengers between Life and Death, and we have to travel our journey but why we are unable to find the answer why our bodies are connected to Oxygen for life, Why life depends upon gravity, Sun and other things. So again it makes me curious left unanswered
Sometimes I think our environment is designed so that we can sustain but than why our human life is restricted to max 100 years.

When I sometimes think about our bodies, I am amazed as for why everything is so organized in a place like a mouth, ears, eyes, excretory system everything designed by someone unknown.
I am writing this so that someone might be thinking like this and might have an answer which I don’t have.
Our earth is divided into various continents but we all need oxygen, some are called developed countries like America and many are underdeveloped.
We are all nothing but puppets of someone unknown or powerful which can see all our activities and can manage us by our thoughts.
No Matter how much discovery we made on this earth, but when a big planet or steroid will hit the earth everything will get extinct and no one can save us
I am using blogging as a tool to connect to others who may have similar thoughts like me and want an answer to this questions or may have an answer who can help me finding it..

Also put your comments on this topics:

What will be there if nothing is there ?
Why we born on Earth ?
What is the purpose of our lives ?
Who we are and who create us ?
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