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What Is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual Healing is something connected to your Soul. You might be depressed, feeling many body ailments which will bring the day to day anxiety in your life, want to know how Spiritual Healing will cure your most of your depression and anxiety from your life.
Let’s Begin it in detail and classify them :
The root of all anxiety and Stress comes from thoughts I.e mind and your Stomach

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What Is Spiritual Healing?

          What Is Spiritual Healing?

When you over think about a topic, your mind becomes programmed automatically to think that again and again, so what can you do remove that thought from my mind
When you eat too much or spicy or extra oily fast foods, again and again, it will upset your intestines and slowly and steadily you digestive system comes in warning mode.

How to Stop Continous Negative Thoughts

#1) Understand one thing very clearly you are living in present, so your thoughts about the past or thoughts which makes you think about your future have nothing to do with your present.
Only what you will do in your present moment will become your history and will heavily affect your future, so it’s in your own hand what kind of memories you want to create for yourself bad, worse or worst or best, better or excellent, Similarly what kind of future you want to make. Like you want to be as a person in the future is depending what thoughts is coming to your mind right now.What Is Spiritual Healing?
Learn to meditate: Meditation is very much necessary for your mind’s health, you have heard this from so many people or had seen many videos on meditation or have read books on it.

But what is meditation, it’s nothing like sitting in a room closing your eyes and just focusing on your breathing.

Actually, it’s like doing anything with a concentration in the present moment whatever you are doing, do it with full focus and it’s nothing but meditation.
Now you want to know How is spiritual healing is connected to all above stuff like eating habits and thinking  then you must know that your stomach and mind are connected
When you fast food for a long time it will affect your stomach , cause acidity and constipation and your mind will tell you that you are not well or your body needs some rest or you should stop all these foodstuffs ,but if you don’t understand and just keep eating than it will affect your overall health and when you are not healthy you can’t do things with concentration and full dedication
Another is thoughts, just look upon your thoughts, what kind of thoughts are coming to your mind, just keep a sharp watch on each thought and just keep which are a good one and immediately push out or remove bad thoughts by looking at them closely. If you follow this trick you will get healthy day by day with body and mind
E.g You got a thought to let me eat a chicken cheeseburger, but it is not good for your body, so just give a kick on the butts of these kinds of thoughts.
Slowly you will become habituated to live happy and healthy, and when you are both happy and healthy you become spiritual and when you are spiritual and is suffering from any ailments or disease, you will cure them easily because of the Spiritual healing you are actually not doing anything but it happens in your subconscious mind.
So guys and gals do this meditation daily and remove all stress and anxiety from your life.

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