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I will show you today how to do Step by Step Seo Guide blogger website in 2019-2020 and makes your blog posts visible on Google Search 1st page in any browser of the world
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Blogger Seo Tips: Seo Guide Blogger Website Explained In Detail


Seo Guide Blogger Website


Let us assume you are writing your 1st Post with the title ” How to learn Car Driving in a month ” So many factors are there which will decide the On-Page SEO of this above Blogger Post

A) Title of Blog Post
B) Heading – Sub headings-Minor
      Headings – Normal headings
C) Permalink
D) Image Optimization
E) Description of a post
F) Keyword Highlighting
E) Hyperlinks
F) Meta Tags or Labels
G) Initial Paragraph SEO
H) Keyword Research
I) Blogger Internal Settings
Now Let’s discuss this all above points in context to the example title ” How to learn Car Driving in a month ” Now please read carefully each and every point

1)Title of Blog Post

This is the most important point and the beginning point of the blog post. Just don’t put your title straight away in your blog title like ,if you search Google and you will find same  titles like “How to learn Car Driving in a month ” than don’t use it you can use titles like this instead ” Step by Step learn Car Driving in a month very easily ” Which most other blogger or other websites had not used till now or Use other keywords like Motor instead of Car or any other keywords which you think people are searching but not available on Google with same keywords Seo Guide Blogger Website


2)Heading ~Sub Headings~Minor Headings and Normal headings

This Should be compulsorily used in your blog post i.e Google crawler can understand what each paragraph wants to say and what is it all about and how much weight age is given to that particular paragraph or is under which topics and how it is classified
E.g How to learn Car Driving in a Month?

Heading: which is just below the Title
Subheadings: Steps to learn Car Driving
Minor Heading: Steps under the Subheadings
Normal Headings: The font which is used for writing whole post or headings under minor Headings
All the above you have to use very smartly in context to your blog posts which you can only learn with experience. So please follow my instructions properly as mentioned in my ” Step by Step Guide to do SEO of Blogger Website in 2019-2020. Seo Guide Blogger Website 

3)Permalink :

Permalink is the option to in your blogger control panel on the sidebar where you have two types of permalink

1) Automatic Permalink which is auto-generated on the basis of your Title of the blog post


2)Customized permalink Which can be customized as per your will and I will always recommend you use this type of permalink
When using customized permalink always use the short permalink
E.g How to learn Car Driving in a month?
So make it like this: “Learn-Car-driving-month”
Also, do some research before making custom permalinks, you have to give your time for research for checking do someone else is using the permalink I am using now. Seo Guide Blogger Website 

4) Image Optimization

Always try to use original Images for your Blog spot blogger post or even a WordPress website, images should be relevant to the subject or paragraph of the blog under which you are putting the image, used at least 3 images in your posts

Before inserting image in to the blog posts always put in on your desktop folder under which you have to give the name of the image like if you are using the image for “Car Driving ” give the name to the image by selecting right click and choosing rename option like this “Car_Driving” or “Car-Driving”
Now when you are inserting image, you have selected the image and uploaded it now click on the image and there is an option called “Caption” and remove it with Your Title ” How to learn Car Driving in a month ” and Now Click on Properties option on the image ,Now opens two another options ” Title & Alt text
~ Title is all about the blog post title, just copy paste your blog post title there ” How to learn Car Driving in a month?”
~ Alt text is an alternative text of what the picture describes as if you are using an image showing a driver is sitting in the car  , than put the same text in alternative text ” A driver driving a white Car or whatever the Color if the car is, which helps Google crawler engine to understand it deeply in context to the blog spot. Seo Guide Blogger Website 

5) Description of a post

The description is something when some searches on Google ” How to learn Car Driving in a month? ” Which is an URL under which a small paragraph is written which is giving the overview of blog posts
The description should be attractive to read, so when someone sees it and out of curiosity, that someone will like to click your URL and wants to read more and wants to know what’s more interesting was there in the blog post. Always keep your description lively and interesting and which generates curiosity for your reader

6) Keywords Highlighting

Keyword Highlights means the most important keyword which represents your blog or the blog is all about

E.g How to learn Car Driving in a month
Than your keywords are “Learn, Car Driving, Month
You must always bold  these keywords which help Google crawler in understanding your post more clearly and optimize your blog easily


The hyperlink is something which you can also call the URL of your old blog posts like if your old post is ” “How to cook Chicken Stew ?” then when you view it by clicking it then you can find the URL of it, just copy it and use it like this
“Also Read: How to cook Chicken Stew”
by selecting the whole title and on the upper menu link it by inserting the URL which will make it a clickable link and divert the reader on that particular page which in turn increases views of that particular blog post

8)Labels or Meta Tags

Labels are nothing but again the keyword representing the content of your blogs ,which must be fill up in the labels section inside label square box in control panel in the sidebar if the Blogger which must be clicked and filled up with the best keywords representing your blog post and help your posts to come in to search in google 1st page, just use it well. Seo Guide Blogger Website


9) Initial paragraph Seo

When you write the first paragraph of your blogger posts, you must include all the keywords of a statement describing your blogger posts title or about which your blog posts are all about. Write the initial paragraph in the best way you can.


10) Keyword Research

Keyword research is again the density of keyword search on google like its competition, the price of respective keywords in Ad Words. The better the keyword research more chance of your blog posts to come in google 1st page. Also, you can use LS keyword as Car Can also be called Motor or synonyms of Car or any other keywords you are using in your blogs


11) Blogger Internal Settings

Internal settings like Blog spot Meta Tags for Website, HTTP Settings, Robots, Pages to Index etc

Blog Spot Meta tags are Website Meta tags through which Google will decide on which topic or Niche on your website of Blog spot is all about
HTTP Settings is all about domain integration into Blog spot which makes your website safe against virus attacks by hackers or any malware
Robots Section: Please use this section carefully a) Robots.txt b)Custom robots text header
You just have to do this setting as I give you the screenshot and text


User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
 Disallow: /search
 Allow: /
 Sitemap: www.4iz4.com/feeds/posts/default?orderby=updated






Most Importantly, Offsite Seo is Divided into various categories again
A) Social Media Sharing
C) Guest Post
D) Email – Marketing
E) Site Submission
F) Google Search Console
G) Paid Tools
Now let us discuss it in detail

1)Social Media Sharing

Social Media Sharing is the sharing of your blog posts on various social media like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, PINTER EST and various other social media


2) Backlinks

Backlinks are the links you post on various sites under the comments in the form of answers asked by people in the form of your posts link with a short description

Likewise; the Best way to learn car driving is as follows and here some points
1 point
2 point
Rest read here: your blog post URL
You can post your links on websites like Quora, Reddit and many more websites which have high domain authority

3) Guest Post

Write Guest post for others and write good content for others as guest post which in turn they feature your guest post on their websites which will give you a reader base, always write guest post for good authority websites, join the group of bloggers on social media and write for them and allow them to post on your blog websites Seo Guide Blogger Website


4) Email Marketing

Always make a list of email of people who subscribe to your blogs or send your posts notification to a reader base who loves to read on various topics, you have to do research for this, this is not everybody’s cup of tea, understand email marketing properly and then just shoot


5) Site Submission

Further, When you search on Google Site submission for blogger posts or websites you will find straight away 3 to 4 links which you must surf and put your website links inside it by filling up your details like URL, name etc.


6)Google Search Console

This is the most important tool provided by Google which you can use it for Site submission, Google fetching, Robots.txt, Structure data analyzer, and many things. Please give at least a week time to learn whole google search console Seo Guide Blogger Website


7) Paid Tools

Also, Paid Tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, and Google Adwords can also help you to grow your audience in a good way. So also do some expense for promoting your blogs and websites
Follow these above steps to do SEO in blog spot blogger for best visibility on google search engine