Home Horror Stories One Haunted Afternoon During Winter In Russia

One Haunted Afternoon During Winter In Russia

One Haunted Afternoon During Winter In Russia was an incident that takes place in Russia on a cold Saturday 21st November 2013. While the temperatures on that day were minus 10 degrees Celsius.

One Haunted Afternoon During Winter In Russia
One Haunted Afternoon During Winter In Russia

       One Haunted Afternoon During Winter In Russia

I was on a visit to my friend’s marriage in Norway. The place where we were was my friend’s fiancee’s house. We reached the airport on Friday night only and a few relatives of my friend’s wife had come to pick us as a total of 120 people from my friend’s was invited for the marriage.
My friend’s wife is too wealthy had a big mansion that can accommodate 2000 people, and we were only 120 people, when we entered the mansion we were served with a hot coffee and snacks and arrangements of dinner was thereafter we become fresh in our rooms.

Each room had the great architecture with royal costly  paintings and furniture with every kind of facilities you got in a seven-star hotel

We completed our coffee and snacks and went to our respective rooms, and as I was the very close friend of Groom, I was staying with him in his room only.

The mansion was situated into the outer area of Norway of city outskirts but everything is available there. We are having a good time with all our friends. We slept at 12’am on that day

Now I often awake late when slept late, but that day was something different for me, and my friends who in our dream haven’t thought that this haunted experience we were going to have.

Now all are sleeping including me after a tiresome journey and enjoyment.

Drama Starts Here:

Now from here the story begins, it was around 3:45 and I wake up for a pee, it was all normal till now. I went to the bathroom attached for a pee and just when opened the door, nobody was there in the room. I am shocked to see that, I went outside of the room and checked other rooms too but nobody was there, I have checked the whole mansion but nobody was there, I am very afraid and confused at the same time.

OMG what is happening here, I shouted loudly and again went up to the room, and to my shock what I am seeing everyone was there again. I checked the mansion again and everybody was there in their place. I thought I am seeing things because I was drinking heavily last night. But still, that picture was not going out of my mind

I also again in my room and wake at 8: am in the morning. Everybody was having breakfast at the table along with me. All things looking normal but my mind was not forgetting the things that happened to me last night. I went outside the mansion to see the atmosphere, I saw a woman who is standing on the small mountain nearby with a flute. I asked the servant who is she, the servant replied to me,

Sir whom you are talking about like as he can’t see her. I again asked and he again said the same things, Sir I can’t see anybody. I Got so much Scared run to Station and Escape to my Home before anything scary event happen with me