We don’t want to remind ourselves of the bitter history, but today is the day when Japan Attacked Oregon during World War 2.
I-26 Japanese Submarine
76 Years Ago Nobuo Fujita Pilot Of Japan Attacked Oregon Territory Of United States

76 Years Ago Nobuo Fujita Pilot of Japan Attacked Oregon territory of United States

Japanese Airforce pilot had bombed named ” Nobuo Fujita” dropped a bomb in a forest of Oregon near a place known as Brookings
Nobuo Fujita had aired his plane from a submarine near the Pacific coast, He flew his plane near the north of the California border and drop two bombs.
He reminded his memories few later years ” The mission scared the daylights out of me.I did not think I would come back alive .”
He dropped two back to back bombs but it doesn’t turn out to be a success according to him ” Nobuo Fujita ” said.
He finds himself lucky to come back alive.
When he returned 20 years later to Oregon at annual Azalea Festival, as a guest he said,
“I did not know how people would react to me, Nobuo said.” I thought they would throw rocks or eggs, or worse .”
Many people in Oregon objected his visit but it was not physical and he presents the town with a samurai sword as a gesture of Peace.
Also, he paid several visits to Brookings near Oregon before he died in 1997 at the age of 85.
Till date, his sword remains on the wall in a library in Brookings, also his mission during world war 2 is remembered on a very important occasion of Oregon trail, known as the ” Bombsite Trail”.

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