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My Random Thought On So Called Successful People

We all human beings are made up of the same components and elements. We all might not have the same circumstances but we all have basic necessities of the same nature.

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My Random Thought On So-Called Successful People

My Random Thought On So-Called Successful People

Now who is a successful person and who is unsuccessful, we are nobody to decide  that but we can decide our progress or see ourselves as a successful person
An unsuccessful person is actually can be or would have been successful, all is dependent on him or herself.
Now you would say how is everyone can be successful, success is not defined by money only, it covers many aspects of life which should be taken care individually.
You might be earning average but you are living a happy life, its a clean example of a successful person 
You might be earning in billions and millions but you don’t have time for family and friends and yourself too so what are you thinking now? It completely depends on you …
Life is not so much complicated if we take it easy and just go by the flow, you might be living is present but not happily so how can you call yourself successful.
Some people pretend that they are successful but they want more success, this way makes them happy than yes you call them successful
Love yourself first then only you can love others, don’t try to be fake, because it will not work for a long time.
This is a short blog on success and successful people but this is not a motivation blog, it is just a thought which you may agree upon or can completely disagree it
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