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Look Younger After 40s : Tips To Look Like A Teenager In 40s

We all are afraid of old age and we never want to get old but Age is one aspect of our life where there is no control of us on it.we always think after 40 and searching ” I want to look Younger after 40s what Should I Do ?

Also in this stressful life face wrinkles and white hair are commonly seen in 5/8 people. Rich people have many options like Botox, Skin Lifting surgeries, and many more but what about us who crossed 40s and even don’t have enough money to go through such heavy expenditure for looking good.I Want To Look Younger After 40s What Should I Do?

So here are my some tested natural therapies which can reduce your facial wrinkles and make you look and feel good Without the cost of spa and salon

Steps to follow to look younger after 40s 

Drink Water

Always drink at least 20-30 glass of water daily, make it in your routine to drink it. Drinking water will flush out toxins from your body slowly through urine and sweating.

Exercise Daily

Not only it will help your bones stronger but it will also make your skin look younger as pores of your skin get open when you sweat and you sweat more when you do workout

Avoid Oily Food

Always avoid oily Food or fast food as they always use bad oils which is used much time to fry snacks and other food items

Avoid White Bread

Eat less white bread as it may increase bad cholesterol which in turn decreasing blood flow causing various ailments like High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and heart disease which can cause stress and anxiety too

Do Meditation &Prayanama

Make it a habit to daily 20 minutes of meditation and Prayanama like anulom Vilom which in turn helps you look younger and remove stress from your life.

Avoid Cold Drinks & Ice-cream

Taking col-drink and ice-cream too much will make your digestive system to go bad which in turn cause Various problems like Acidity, Constipation, and other stomach flu-like issues and if Stomach is upset it will show up on your skin like acne and other type pimples

Say No to Smoking

Avoid Smoking as it narrows your lungs membranes which in turn results in low oxygen supply to all the parts of the body making you stressed and more aged

Lose Weight according to your BMI

Loose weight as having an overweight body looks older and makes you look older and fat, so eat healthy stay healthy with a good diet.

Go on a vacation or Give Yourself a break

Always give yourself break from your work routine, it will release stress and change your atmosphere and mood which helps you look younger than before, also go on vacations and enjoy the party

Consume Omega 3 Fats

Consumer Seafood and Omega3 capsules to look younger as it generates cells faster and gives better skin health

Drink Red Wine

Red wine reduces arterial clogging, bad cholesterol and increase HDL fat which makes you look cool if you consume it daily

Sip or Drink Pomegranate Juice

Drink 1 glass full of Pomegranate Juice so which increases your hemoglobin and makes your skin pink and beautiful

Always drink Green Tea

Always drink Green Tea daily in order to remove all type of bad cholesterol from your body also it detoxifies your body

Drink Lemon Juice In the morning

Drinking Lemon Juice with honey in water decrease your body weight again and help you look younger

Check Vitamin Levels every Six months

Always check Vitamin Levels in your body which can makes you anxiety free and also gives you mental strength and keep your nervous system intact


Limit your Sodium Intake

Who don’t love french fries but extra salt will retain more water which in turn give you eye bags and worst health ailments like Blood Pressure , Heart Problems etc

Watch Laughter Shows

Always watch 1 episode of laughter show on YouTube or television which can boost your mental health and wellness , also it increases blood in your body

Follow Fashion

Always follow fashion and try to wear trendy clothes which will increase yoir self confidence when you cross 40s and may give you feel like a younger person

Get Regular Massages

Having regular face and body massages release body stress and improves overall body flexibility

Eat Plenty of Protein

Eat plenty of protein which replenishes your body cells on time because after 40s body protein depletion is higher

Take 8 Hours Sleep Daily

Sleep is the biggest factor which hurts your overall health when if not in proper amount it can cause Various cardiovascular problems and health issues

Use Face Masks thrice in month

Always use Face masks thrice in a month which remove face wrinkles and bad tissue and black heads and keep the face clean and shiny

Always wears Sunscreen

Never forget to wear sunglasses and sunscreen in summer which help your face not looks older and wrinkles.

So friends, this are some of the remedies , you can apply at home and can look younger after 40s.