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How Not To Catch Common Cold Easily ?

Common Cold is defined as some type of virus attack on your immune system which gives you a Headache, Runny Nose and Body Pain and Some more Symptoms. Now everybody is discussing always ” How not to catch a common cold easily ?”But I will discuss it in brief with some major points.
A cartoon image showing kid suffering from common cold
How Not To Catch Common Cold Easily?

How Not To Catch Common Cold Easily?

Let’s begin here with the following techniques
~ Never Drink cold water after you drink hot stuff like Coffee or Tea and other hot drinks
~ Always keep a distance from people who are affected by common cold and ask them to sneeze or cough at a distance when you find one
~ In winter stay warm when outdoor or never ride a bike, or bicycle in the open air without a muffler, Jackets, and full covered pants and shoes as it may cause cold air to enter your body while you are riding them.
~ Avoid eating outside at unhygienic places or not to drink water at unhygienic places which may result in virus or bacteria to enter into your body and can cause influenza attack
~ Carry Balm ointment with you while traveling which can relax you while a headache
~ If you do not feel well don’t take a bath or if it is necessary though take bath with warm water
~ Don’t eat chicken, cheese, Or heavy dairy products, cold drinks, buttermilk, ice cream and many other cold drinks which may trigger common cold in your body
~ Avoid eating onions, also
~Don’t take medicine by yourself when you don’t feel well as it may cause side-effects 
~Also avoid workout and heavy activity while caught common cold
So, friends, this is the things you must follow in order to avoid Common Cold in your daily life.