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Why For Whom What To How to Donate?

Donate to less fortunate Charity for poor Donation for Strays Accord Others Give to poor souls. Let’s begin with the donation, why it is necessary for all of us, every single individual on earth, whether he is rich, middle class, or poor. You might be thinking right now “poor” how Poor’s can donate, and I will answer everyone can donate if have will to do so.

The biggest question is ” Why to donate, what to donate, for whom to donate and how to donate ? Now all the things we must look at each level at parallel grounds like starting the question from ” Why to donate?”


We all have different answers to this question if we ask our self but today I want to give some of the most relevant answers which can convince you to donate .

Why To Help Others through Charity?

#1 We must donate because we are human beings , we have more understanding than animals

#2 We must donate because there are crore of people on earth who sleep without food

#3 we must donate because everybody in their life must have the right to enjoy their life or every body had the right to get the taste of all kinds of tasty food, travel and remove hunger

#4 If every one of us will donate nobody will stay poor

#5 There are stray kids, animals who live on the street without parents who are forced to live a filthy life on the streets just because their parents are dead or they can’t make living for them

#6 Donate for natural calamities because we all living on same earth so what will happen if some part of the earth is affected by calamities like earthquake, Storm, Tsunami etc. at that time we should stand together.

#7 we should donate because many poor people are suffering from the fatal and deadly disease for which they don’t have money to cure them which might be possible if they have money which can save their lives

#8 Lots of Stray Dogs which are dependent on Human beings for food are hurt by humans beings or killed on road accident roaming here and there must need our love and donations for animals institutes who take care for them and also animals vet for medications and cure for them.

#9 There are lots of poor handicapped people on earth who needs our help to make surgery and live peacefully. In Short, our donations for less fortunate one will give them happiness , cure from deadly ailments and disease and also they can live happily like others . Now the another question is

What to Donate ?

Here my answer is very simple , any thing which is required to help others. Like money , clothes, education fees, Doctor fees, hospital fees, Home for Poor’s. Food supplies at the time of calamity like floods , earthquake or any other calamities. when needed by some poor people ,kids , stray dogs and animals for shelter, aid, medications, study etc. Anything you can donate as per your status. I would love to add it will make your soul more happy when others are happy because of you. when you carry that work of donations and charity along with you on for a long time. You will make the Almighty Creator happy .   Whom to Accord others ?

This is also very simple , you can donate anybody who is in dire need. Life saving things like money , food , shelter , accomodation etc .
Beware of people or fraudsters who are making money from this. Only homeless people and strays should be donated on a permanent basis. Small Stray kids who lost their parents in childhood. And have to live on the streets because of this must be adopted which is also one kind of donation.

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How to Donate?

First of all is you need a golden heart  to donate and do charity . You can donate directly or through various sites. There are many who work in favour of the welfare of children. Big NGO’S and other institutions and Hostels for stray kids and homeless people .

We must find search online which are the best sites to donate. How can I help who is in need whether human beings or Animals.

You must always ask this question to yourself while looking at small stray kids, stray animals , homeless, the person who needs money for curing some disease or anything or any worse conditions or sufferings of human beings.

Guys and Gals please note one thing of mine in your life. Don’t think what will happen if I will not donate. Always think what great will happen to others through my help in the form of donations and charity.

Learn to see the pain of others inside you. Feel what would happen if I was in that place of person or animal. Don’t I will feel the same pain.

I agree you can’t donate to everyone. But at least try to donate monthly. Any person in need once in a while who comes to you. kid, handicapped or stray animals.

Make it a habit of donations for less fortunate. And one day you will understand what you had done where others have not.

You will feel proud of your self one day. Also, get to know that you had not wasted your life for your own pleasures only .

And will become God Favourite Child one day. There is enough in this nature for you to share with others. There will be no scarcity for you. You will get everything what you want but keep sharing in the form of donations, help and charity.

Adopt some less fortunate stray kids or dogs.whatever you can do just do.Don’t wait or feel embarrassed because your help will heal your soul. Also,you can die peacefully at the end. Having a thought that I had not wasted my life. I was born to help humanity and I did a well job, no regrets in the end   

Final Words 

The donation itself is not important but the emotions behind it are the most important thing in the world. So donate Again and again until you can feel the pain of others. In the beginning, it may seem worthless to you but after your few donations you will understand its value.