We all in our life at some point of time had traveled in the train as a kid or as an adult but there are many “Things that should be taken care of while traveling in Train “
Train Journey in Winter

So today I will explore the topic in detail with points so that you can easily understand and remember the points or you can jot them down before having a train journey.

So this is Things that should be taken care of while traveling in Train as below:

  •  Always go with a reserved seat or do the reservation confirmed before choosing any journey to any station

  •  Carry all the documents with tickets safely with yourself and don’t forget to take a snap of the ticket or scanning barcode of the ticket and mailing them to your relatives

  •  Reach the Railway Station 1 hour before the train departs.

  • If you have too much luggage take the help of the cart by paying them so that you don’t have to rush when a train arrived.
  •  Take care of the kids if they are the part of the journey, have an eagle eye on their every movement as they don’t move towards railway track

  •  Always Carry food and water from home as eating outside food and water may be contaminated which may harm your health

  •  Always confirm with the station manager or railways staff of the coach number and platform number on which your train is going to arrive.

  • Now aboard the train without rush and take care of all your luggage which you bring with yourself.

  • After aboard make the checklist clear of all pieces of luggage boarded on the train.

NOW steps to take care of when the train is departed and you are peacefully boarded on the train

  •  There may be other passengers in the train in your coaches, try to cooperate with them if they ask for any help

  • Never Ever eat food given by other passengers neither eat food from railways better bring food from home.

  •  If the journey is of long hours or days always take all the necessary things with you like medicines as per hour health status, bank cards, etc.

  • Try to relax in the journey by having a sleep or just rest, don’t look outside the window because it will make you tired if you see through the window for a long time

  •  Try to read books or watching movies in your smartphone or anything you like, in short, make your self-entertained and in comfort.

  •  When the train arrives at your destination or is near your  destination, aware of that if you are traveling at night, like if your train will reach destination at 3 am at night and you have fallen in to deep sleep, you can miss the station and both time and money is wasted, so always be on time while arrival and departure.

So, guys, this is the minor things to be kept in mind while traveling in a train, I hope you will get some help from this blog. Please feel free to comment or do you think some points are yet to be covered.

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