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Best Tips For Tourists Before Travelling To Europe In 2019 And 2020

You might be thinking about what new can I do when I travel to Europe. I am knowing all the things already. So how this blog will go to help me. Be rest assured that this blog is for a wide array of readers who may be traveling European Countries for the first time. They are keen to know that what things we should do before traveling European countries as a tourist or for business or any other purpose. So let’s discuss all the best tips for Tourists before traveling to Europe in 2018-2019

Best Tips For Tourists Before Travelling To Europe In 2019 And 2020 3
Best Tips For Tourists Before Travelling To Europe In 2019 And 2020

Best Tips For Tourists Before Travelling To Europe In 2018-2019

Most important things are the mixture of very minute things which should be considered or covered while travelling to Europe. Moreover which we will discuss today as per se my experience or many of the expert’s experience with whom I had traveled to Europe.  

You may be from any part of the world of any age, caste, creed, demography etc but all need some guidance for everything because everybody is not expert and you may be thinking that why should I read here when my tourist guide will guide me for what I had paid.      

When you are reading this post, you will get an extra edge of information which you might not get by a tourist guide. You will get the experience of an advanced tourist who had traveled all over the world.

Now let’s start the whole scenario how to and what to?   Taking it by an example: Let’s Guess Sonia is travelling to Europe in Germany or any other country of Europe. She must first get a Visa for the number of days as visitors Visa or Student or Business Visa for whatever purpose she is going to.  

Before getting the Visa she must research which place I am going to and at what place I will get accommodation per se my budget and what is the cost of a number of days I will stay there, in which hotel, or guest house, or friends house or any other source. She must get all the information about the source of travel inside Germany by bus, train or Cab.    

Best Tips for Tourists:- Medical Checkup

If she is a patient of Blood pressure or Diabetes or any other ailments, she must inform it in the form or local guide and in the visa.

Also she should carry all the medicines with her in required proportions according to the number of days she is staying there.   Food type of every country is different so at whichever place she is visiting she must get all the information about the restaurant or hotels where her type of “Food” is available.

She must see the reviews of the restaurant and it’s surrounding by checking it online.  Always stays in contact with family members and friends by updating them through Social Media and Contact number or by any means of contact.

If you are travelling to Europe alone nobody going to help you, so things should be taken care of otherwise it will be very difficult for you to stay there easily and comfortably You must have  the number of local police, ambulance and other information regarding the city or place you visit in Germany    

Best Tips For Tourists Before Travelling To Europe In 2019 And 2020
Best Tips For Tourists Before Travelling To Europe In 2019 And 2020

Understanding The Basics For traveling

Before travelling to Europe, you must know that every country had different money so must carry the money by converting your country money in that currency for your comfort.

Also, take the required money with you in cash and cards. Expenses particular for food,  accommodation, and other things. This is important as nobody can overcharge you.

If you are carrying a mobile device be careful that it’s battery must be fully charged and an extra battery and charger in the bag, so that you can stay in contact with your family and friends 24×7.

Give your family your GPS location, i.e they can track you 24×7 whenever they want. Never drink too much in another country and try to keep yourself healthy and fit.     


Don’t stay out of the hotel for the late night. Come to the hotel on time. And inform at least 1 person in the hotel’s staff where you are going.

Know the current situation of the country. As to whether any riots, calamity or heavy rain forecast or any bad weather report online.

Means of transportation and budget must be precisely decided as per your budget. Know what are the best sightseeing or places to visit in the country or particular city.

Best Time To Visit Europe

Also, what is the best time to visit them must be kept in mind. Also, confirmed or get some suggestions from experts you know or any other who had therein before.

If she is traveling with a small group of friends or traveling alone. She must decide to go on the train as it is more economical as compared to renting a car.

But if she is a part of the group must rent a car if available. She can choose whatever means of transportation is available in that country.    

Moreover, travelling to Europe. Whichever countries like Germany she is visiting. All she must carry multi-SIM Cards according to the different region.

And yes don’t forget to snap some good pics at nice destinations. Also, put them on Facebook, Insta and other social media sites.  

Always travel before checking in that which month is best to travel to Europe. Also, what are extra benefits and things I will get extra at that time and will fit my budget easily? Guys all these things must be kept in mind while travelling to Europe. This are all the points I had experienced & want to help you through this.