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Boxing Match Between Xrp Btc in 2019?

Xrp is growing stronger day by day, one must either find the patience to hold it for a long time because crypto is a game of patience and those who stay calm will get rewards 


Boxing Match Between Xrp Btc in 2019?

                      Boxing Match Between Xrp Btc in 2019?


If the bulls do not force a rebound higher than $ 0.47 in the next two days, the XRP / USD could fall below $ 0.4242. Any distribution of the range will be a bearish indicator, which may result in a decrease to $ 0.33.
On the upside, $ 0.51978 will continue to act as a strong resistance. If bulls can push prices higher and get closer to the high end, it will be a bullish sign. We will wait for a break out of the range before proposing trades.
Ripple, the crypto-currency payment solution, had given an escape from an inverted boss of head and shoulders but only to make gains immediately after the breakout, resulting in a false break. If that was not enough to shake the bull’s confidence, she also broke the support of the cleavage.


XRP / USD is down more than 1% on the day at $ 0.4510 Sunday and is close to the low point of the day. On the 30-minute chart, XRP had previously given a reverse H & S model break at around $ 0.4553 that did not last long and in the next hour, it dropped all breakout gains.
XRP has also broken down the H & S’s critical neck support and now sits just below the 0.4521 neck support. Chances are it may even fall below the psychologically important mark of $ 0.4500 all the way to $ 0.4480.
Ripple was not a favorite on online publications. The media are rather negative about XRP and its activities. Not surprisingly, most of these XRP publications and articles have caused fear, uncertainty, and doubt among Ripple investors. If you take a look at cryptos like Bitcoin, there’s a lot of positive news about it, and that’s probably one of the reasons why Bitcoin’s price is way off other cryptocurrencies for now. At the time of writing, the value of XRP is $ 0.46145 and has increased by 1.31% in the last 24 hours.
Most media information is influenced by “whales” to talk about XRP. Media news constantly talks about what will happen to Ripple (XRP) if it is declared as security – will it survive? Will its price go down further? These are some of the items you will find on Ripple XRP today. These media publications have put fear and doubt in the minds of Ripple’s investors. It is necessary to know that in the last 24 hours, the price of XRP went green; still, it is unlikely that the price of XRP will continue to increase dramatically. We will have to wait.
Ripple will not be declared as a security. The company worked with different regulators from the beginning, stating that Ripple and XRP are not alike; and if Ripple ceases to exist, XRP will always remain. Ripple works closely with the SEC, trying to finalize and clarify things so as not to be declared as a security.
Cross-border payments will be fed by Ripple (XRP) en masse very soon
Ripple recently completed two new trading brands. Both brands work on the same design, and both operate on the Ripple network. However, it is likely that any application executed with a Ripple knit such as OnePay will display the mark. This new Ripple feat is important and demonstrates the company’s commitment to facilitating cross-border transactions.
It also shows us a glimpse into the future that whenever we do a cross-border transaction or use our payment application, the transaction may be powered by XRP or Ripple. Ripple and XRP will fuel the majority of financial transactions in the future. The recent trademark Ripple is considered software that provides an electronic financial platform to facilitate financial transactions on a computer network.
Finally, Ripple is a futuristic platform, and as an investor, do not hurt your judgments because of the negative media releases on Ripple – there are great players manipulating it. You must know that great things are going to happen, and it’s a good time to buy and invest in

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