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My Review Of One Plus 6 After One Month Of Usage

OnePlus 6 is OnePlus’ first mobile phone, and X doesn’t look boring. Compared to the six OnePlus 5Ts, construction and materials have only improved in terms of increased equipment costs, which is very important – because we have these non-essential aspects of the experience and the phone after reaching the $500 barrier.

Batch 6 next OnePlus charges $700 or more from any phone and does not indicate a hardware problem. I am sure that I have not encountered any problems, even better, I think this is very good. The glass looks modern and expensive, with a perfect bright side and an elegant atmosphere. There is still a lot of space for OnePlus to go further and really develop your own touch in this area, but the inscription on the back of the “Design OnePlus” shows that the company has determined that the company takes this part very seriously.

Even with a new look, OnePlus 6 retains one of my predecessors’ favorite parts: simplicity. OnePlus remote hardware technology. They have a normal button in their normal position and have an excellent tactile response. There is a headphone jack. The slider always reminds you where you want it. Many curved screen buttons or unnecessary functional hardware compression or “features” are determined.

One plus 6 is very simple. It also provides a high level of performance that I can always trust. Fly over OxygenOS in OnePlus 6 – but again, it’s in OnePlus 5. So it’s just a tent for a mobile OnePlus column, but age doesn’t apply because it won’t give up on a modern phone with similar specifications OnePlus 6. It’s simple, fast, and series – all the phones I ask for. I don’t want other features, apps, and settings, I just want the phone to be a tool to get what I want in their apps and services. Providing OnePlus 6, even after a few weeks of my review period, I am not a whirlpool, slowing down or crashing.

I hope that OnePlus has in principle reached another step in power, but OnePlus 6 does not require more features. I tried to do it in one day and it was the only time I closed every day, including more than two hours of GPS mapping and consumption data, and listening to podcasts on Android Auto. Within a few weeks of use, I never felt that I needed to limit the consequences of using the OnePlus 6 to worry about the battery on the same day. This is the battery I can ask for.

Before I announced OnePlus 6, I explained that this time we were not allowed to move the camera. With the price rising, the most important camera for smartphones, OnePlus has no extra space to get a good camera “money”, you only need a good camera. It has been delivered.I’m very disappointed that OnePlus is not particularly attractive to the auxiliary camera, but this time it’s the right part of the imp room.  Through the Snapdragon 845 camera, OnePlus 6 the best Internet service provider has greatly improved the transition to more sensors, adding OIS and turning around.

The OnePlus 6 camera is great and great. During the day, these photos can be transferred to any precision phone launched last year. To be picky, you can prove that it is not clear when using HDR or if the dynamic range is obvious. But it is beautiful, you don’t have to worry about daylight. In the evening, OnePlus made significant progress in their often weak OnePlus Room 5. At a “above average” level in a still image, below the sheer level, this disadvantage is acceptable in this step.

Internally, Oneplus has spent money on the ingredients and he knows how to sell its main clients’ phones: CPU, memory, and storage battery I. I can say that Oneplus has it the same or better, basic functions, more expensive competitors than I have part of the battery, but without a large number of other three main categories. But what this means is that he does not get an emotion, display “extra”, an extensive sound system, or a complete streaming frame rating.

On Onlus 6 to better display The average is high. But this is not a super-bright light day condition, speed, as well as my eyes, are not getting enough deep enough at night. The color view angles are good, and here in daily life there is not much to complain, but these cases do not separate “good” from “big” shows. The speaker now gets it like a basic – do not try to dual speakers, separate audio cameras or a special arrangement … and that’s grief. Any other phone I have used is Oneplus 6. Finally, there is the best sound system in the past year, and yes, I know the Onepus-too much waterproof. But if Oneplus is to give it a rating on Ippus 7 in the box, I do not trust him if he is not ready to do the right inspection and certification – this is something that I have to constantly think about.

I’ve tested it before (I’m fortunate), I know I’m not alone: 6 The one plus Vibration is just in the lab bad enough to touch. If it did well, well done – tactile feedback is one of those things where it does not notice. When this is done, Oneplus 6, it’s notable that Derechtz from the utterly intriguing experience using this phone. Every time the phone is vibrates, it looms deep loudly. There are a $ 250 Motorola phones that have a better understanding of vibration motors. Adjustable vibration settings, at least, simplify the problem – but that he could not solve it completely, it is a hardware issue.

I’d like to be instructive but really want to be able to absorb more thought and development time with touches on Oneplus – design as mentioned above, it’s not worry when costs in the phone just $ 500 in the North. If you want to send $ 550 to a phone, but one money, OnPips 6, where your search terminates and ends. With this type of money, you do not have the features of features, hardware, cameras, software, and functionality. This is the largest phone space for real locations, but in many ways, beyond your expectations.

He is likely to have five times as long as the OnePlus nickname is “the best phone of money”. But with this much better design, better camera and more attention to detail, he manages to drive their way into being a reliable directly rival of a more expensive car. From some of the few problems, Onapus Top 6 phones are exactly the same from other companies – from the same time, its software expertise performance match or any other phone over there.

There are better phones if money is not an option. This phone is a winner – still one plus 6. What a big part of the price that Sweet Spot makes on the spot will be the best “value” where I do not see any other match.