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Millionaires And Billionaires Are Made By Self Belief And Self Realization

Yes, it’s a fact Millionaires and Billionaires are made by Self Belief and Self Realization. We as human beings had evolved and made so many inventions. We created the need, We can see things, We can observe and we can feel. In the morning when we wake up, do daily routine and went to Job, Business and our mind start to think.

When looking at our history we will find very few billionaires and millionaires are made overnight, but the majority of them had some or other idea and the urge of implementation of the same immediately.

Millionaires And Billionaires Strategies:

It’s a saying fortune favors the Brave. Bill Gates, Andrew Carnegie, Warren Buffet, etc are at this Position because of their decisions and vision to accomplish that decision at any cost.
A very good example:
There are two students when asked by Professor about a glass filled with water as what their perspective about the glass
One of him said ” it’s half filled” while another Said “it’s half full”
Millionaires And Billionaires Are Made By Self Belief And Self Realization
Millionaires And Billionaires Are Made By Self Belief And Self Realization
Similarly, two types of people exist in this world
One always sees opportunities no matter how many times he or she failed while other always see negativity.
Billionaires and Millionaires falling into the category of the second student. Here exemptions like luck are exempted.
First of all, you must have to take a decision at right time no matter the decision looks like to climb an Everest. You may fall 10 times but on 11 you will reach as you have already learned the mistakes done while climbing 10 times.
You may be too dumb but if you exercise this regularly no one can stop you from succeeding. It’s a matter of trust in yourself and your conviction to make it right at any cost.
Yes, I am saying again,” MILLIONAIRES AND BILLIONAIRES ARE MADE BY TAKING ODD DECISIONS” in their life where 90 % of people have not taken any decision.

Question yourself again and again and again until you will find the way of success.

Question yourself like :

Why I am facing poverty?
Why I can’t be rich?
Who is stopping me?
Why I am lazy?
Why I don’t take decisions and implement them in life?
Why I always find a rescue?
Why, why, Why?

You will not get your answer by doing Google, you will find it by yourself by asking the same type of questions to yourself again and again.
Everything is possible, You have to believe your self and do whatever it will take to make your decision right. It’s the only moment you give up you get failed otherwise no one can stop you if you believe yourself.
Friends I like to motivate my self and others, thoughts which is coming to mind I wrote them through the blog for you as well as myself.
Nobody is perfect but Can be if that ” nobody ” decides to be at any cost.