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The Story Of Revenge Of A Witch

This story is about 50-60 years old and is real. This is the story of the revenge of a witch. That old man told the story to us a group of friends on a cold night at night when we are attending a marriage function ie village with a can of beer for everyone. In our village, everybody knows the story. Near our village there is a mountainous range where lived a population 60 years ago, everybody was happy and all the people living peacefully in all the villages near one of that mountain with prosperity and love

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The Story Of Revenge Of A Witch

One day a middle-aged lady visited village Thai near the mountain on a hot afternoon of May. She looks very weird and looks very hungry and devastated. She went to one of the shops in the village but the shopkeeper scolded her and told her to get lost even after she is giving him money. There is misery in her eyes as she was got this refusal for food and water from the villages surrounding the mountain.

Everybody is ignoring her asked to leave the place but one Kid of 10 years old got sympathy for her and went to her and gave her food and water and told her to eat that , the women were ill for many days or haven’t eaten for days , While she was eating food she loses her breathe and told that kid, I will come again to repay what this person had given me and also you dear kid.

She died and villagers badly throw the body to vultures and carnivorous animals but that kid got tears in his eyes for villagers doing, not a single person in the village come to rescue for that women apart from the child.After 11 years the kid was of 22 years young man, and do farming for a livelihood and was a poor man as his father was no more and working on daily wages and married to a beautiful woman whom he loves very much. 


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The Story Of Revenge Of A Witch

One night of December, the night was very cold, all the man crowded at a single place and started gossiping as one of the men was killed brutally near the village near the mountain and the sequence of killing takes place every day, from each village people are murdered brutally and nothing is being done to stop it as nobody knows what to do.

Even that kid got in tension what is happening near the mountainous ranges and people are getting killed. so one night he decided to wake and to at the spot where most of the people were killed and though her wife told not to go, doesn’t to her and went to the place, it was about 3 am at night ,the kid was sitting near a bonfire and suddenly listened some voice, he slowly moves towards the place but couldn’t find anything, but when he is leaving that place at 3:40 am, that women appear in front of him whom he deeded when he was a child, he was scared and go back to see her, but that women told him to stop I will not harm you, I remember you, kid, you helped me and ask me whatever you want I will give you but he was so afraid he just run away from that place.


He doesn’t dare to go to that place and tell the whole story to his wife. His wife also got scared and told him don’t talk about this matter to the villagers, and he kept mum.But the incident’s don’t stop and every day somebody is killed nearby villages and mountainous ranges.
He can’t see this happening and decided to stop that witch, so again one night when his wife was sleeping, he moves to the same place and waited for the witch but she doesn’t appear and he goes to the place daily but doesn’t find her. One night when he was returning from the place he got surprised to see that witch at his house door.
But this time he was not scared and dared to ask her why she is killing others and please stop it , but she told she will not in the mood for doing it as she was tortured by this villagers and haven’t helped her while she was pregnant and her own family disowned her even his husband, she told she killed everybody who had tortured her and started laughing loudly and asked him to ask for anything he wants , she will never say no , as the man was innocent and caring for others he asked for leave the village forever and go the God .
She told him as she promised I am fulfilling but you have to bring all the villagers tomorrow evening at the village Corner and he agreed.Finally she in front of the villagers giving the reason for her leave and told the villagers that this Man had saved from extinction off your village and yours, She left giving lots of wealth to that young man.
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