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How To Become A Successful Person In Life Without Too Much Tension?

Friends, I want to tell you the ways to become a successful person in life in each and every aspect of life without too much stress and tension in life

3 Rules to become a successful person

Now the question is how to do it. To all the people of any age who are doing nothing have no knowledge or is the pure fool who don’t know anything about anything neither have any skills, must learn three words deep down their soul

1st – Consistency
2nd – Commitment
3rd – Hard work

If you follow this three things nothing will be impossible for you, you just have to implement all the above three things in your life and you will slowly and steadily reach the point where everything looks possible and achievable.

Consistency : 

In my opinion, Consistency is the continuity or dedication towards the goal to accomplish the goal by giving your major time to it without fail. Consistency will polish your skills with time. Being consistent in your work will bring all the fruits you deserved

Commitment :

Commitment is your heart, blood, sweat towards your objective to reach it at any cost whatever problems or obstructions comes in the way, always stay committed to your goal. Commitment comes first in life. Untill you haven’t decided to reach a goal Consistency and hard work will never will be in the picture. Everything in life needs committment, if sun is not committed to rise and dawn, life on earth will come in danger. Learn from nature, they are the biggest source of inspiration. If you look and observe closely , you will understand the nature and our body and thoughts also are not man made, they are creation of nature.

Hard Work:

Without it everything fails, because it is the key to success, hard work’s is another name is practice continuously without being tired and stressed and work an hour extra to reach it. Hard work comes in to the picture only when you are committed and if you are committed, you will subconciously consitent and than you don’t have to do hard work, it will be on auto mode. So understand this three basic rules, you will become successful. 

Stay Away From Bad Habits:

If you have all the above three points covered in life but you have some kind of bad habit, it will divert your goal or obejctive lately and you will than tell others , I am doing everything but not achieving success. So follow the above three rules with keeping bad habits at bay from your life. 


So friends you will become a successful person ,will be skilled one day, you will reach the mountain one day, you will attain heights of success one day ,never loose hope , always stay honest towards your goals and objective ,the mantra is within you ,don’t find shortcuts , because even if you become rich without hard work, commitment and loyalty, the fruits will taste bitter without them. So “Believe in yourself and work like a Tortoise”