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How To Act Like A Fool Being An Intelligent Person?

The first question in your mind is coming right now what kind of funny Title is this  ” How To Act Like A Fool Being An Intelligent Person?” and you might be laughing hard or maybe taking it as a joke.

How To Act Like A Fool Being An Intelligent Person? : A Sarcastic Thought
How To Act Like A Fool Being An Intelligent Person?
We all are very intelligent and we all are superb dumb at the same time. It must be a decision of yours how to act in a different situation of life. Mostly we don’t implement this in our practical life. But sometimes you have to do it for yourself.
Now as the title suggest “I am not going to give you training or some kind of education on the topic but I will surely help you to discover your dumb or fool personality inside you which is hidden under the blanket or coating of super-intelligent You.

Think you are in a debate with a group of people on any topic, and everybody is bombarding their super speaking skills and you have less knowledge than them, at that point in time if you speak about the topic with full confidence, irrelevant of the content or just uttering meaningless words relevant to the topic, you had made your mark between them because you think so. Hence proved you can act like a fool by choice being an intelligent brain.

But on the same debate knowing nothing if you decide to stay mum and listened the whole topic, without knowledge also you proved your an intelligent person with a good brain .

The point here is that most of us including me observe very less in our surrounding environment and always very keen on giving our view point on any topic . If We must have full knowledge about the topic than it’s ok but not having the knowledge it is not necessary to even utter a word or give or share the information to anyone. I hope you understand my point what i want to make you understand.