How To Build A Gaming PC In 2018 Which Can Handle All Your Games For Next 5 Years

The market is full of different types of computer parts like the graphics card, ram, motherboards, Monitor, PSU etc. The lover of gaming or Gamers has a question in the present that how to build a gaming PC in 2018 which can play all my games for the next 5 years

How To Build A Gaming PC In 2018 Which Can Handle All Your Games For Next 5 Years

Graphics Card: Choose either of the two brands Nvidia or Ati Radeon
Now Select the best-reviewed graphics card of the two brands according to the worldwide user experience and its specifications. My two favorites are given below you can also choose one them according to your choice. Currently, Nvidia and AMD are providing best graphics unit which is acclaimed worldwide and can be used for online and offline gaming with maintaining good fps rate and smooth gaming

NVIDIA: Buy Here
AMD:     Buy Here

What CPU is Best for Gaming?

Next important thing is CPU
For high-end gaming, I will always prefer you costly CPU as it is a one-time investment and can boost your gaming performance by a bigger margin and also gives out and out superb performance when merged with the above-given GPU.

Intel:    Buy Here
AMD:  Buy Here

Next is a power supply unit which can give required power to run all the components in a CPU



Now you need a good Motherboard
which can perform well in overall conditions like overclocking and tweaking GPU

Motherboard :

MSI mobo for Ryzen Processor:  Buy Here

Gigabyte for Intel Processors: Buy Here

Will work in both motherboards:
Buy here

1TB: Buy Here

CPU FAN: Buy Here


CABINET: Must give you extra space for installation and wire management

Buy Here

Mouse Keyboards and Monitors you can purchase of your choice as it’s mostly future proof

Friends this parts and accessories are enough to play any game on earth and is future proof for at least 5 years from now. So you being a die hard Gamer can go for it now …

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