Who Is Lord Shiva ??

Lord Shiva Is most respected and worshiped God In Hinduism. Not Only He is most innocent but also, he gives fruits to his worshiper faster than any other God In Hinduism. Shiva has no form and yet have form. He is also called Bholenath in Hindusim. Shiva when open his third eye, it is said ” Whole Multi universe gets destroyed and began its evolution again.

As a Human Being, we all have curiosity who Owns the world. We read books, Search the internet, Ask experts and religious priests but we are unable to get our answer.

Who Is Lord Shiva?: Logical Explanation About Lord Shiva
Who Is Lord Shiva?: Logical Explanation About Lord Shiva

Some insights of Shiva and Universe 

The reason we don’t know or can even find the answer is that the software of our body is not designed to know it or if possible its next to impossible. So always a question pops up in our mind sometimes than how this creation is working, but the answer remains unanswered. But some experiences of ours gives us a hint of the creator of the Universe and we walk on that experiences and share them with others too. So here I am sharing my thoughts and experiences about the creator or you can say, Shiva .

Now as the Title Says ” Who is Lord Shiva? I want to tell my experiences about creator or Shiva. In Hinduism Shiva is the superior Of all or Adiyogi who is doing meditation from infinite time, and is detached to time because he himself is time

Now Creator of the Universe had made this world of infinite Galaxies and multiverse just to entertain himself. Like when we play an open World Game, we play as a character or we handle the character and story with the click of our mouse, Remote or keyboard.

On Broader Aspect Who is Shiva 

On a broader aspect, Shiva is also doing the same thing just to entertain himself by creating this world.
Try to beat your terrace at night laying down looking at the sky very deep, you will see stars, N number of stars whom you can never count. With eyes, you had limited access to them.

Now here comes the hint for you, when you use some sort of costly camera with the digital zoom of say 40x, you can see them better and in more detail, using an ultra costly telescope you can see other planets too and another galaxy which is way too away from our reach.

Now, Shiva, is a destination and camera, Telescope or other equipment are our way of communicating with Shiva, it’s like stages of meditation when you meditate in beginning you will see some minute hints, then as your meditation becomes deeper every day, months and years you will have a clear picture of it and when you find the perfect equipment to See the whole world or Shiva, you will become One..

Lord Shiva 108 names in Hinduism with their meanings:

In Hindu religion, Shiva is considered to be one of the Tridevas. Shivaji is imagined as a god who is ever a destroyer and sometimes a spinach. Bhisma, Snake, Deer Chicken, Rudraksha etc. are the beauty of the Lord Shiva and the jewelery and jewelery. They are also considered to be the god of the slaughter. Lord Shiva is also the author of astrology and warriors (days). Lord Shiva’s worship is done in idol and Shivalinga form.

There are many forms of Shiva, the names of these forms are also different. Among the various names of Shivaji, the main 108 names are as follows:

Shiva – Kalyan Swaroop

Maeshwar – Superstar of maya

Shubhuju – with pleasure

Pinnacle – Pinak bow holders

Ashshaykhara – Moon holders

Wamdev – with beautiful appearance

Variants – Bizarre or three-eyed

Blood – blue and reddish

Shankar – everyone welfare

Shoolpani – Trident holders in hand

Watches – a founder of cats

Vishnuvallabh – Goddess of Vishnu

Shippit – entry to Situaha

Ambikanath- Goddess Bhagwati’s husband

Shree Krishna – Beautiful Gorge

Bhaktavatsal – Very affectionate devotees

Impact – Appearing in the form of the world

Sharva – Destroyer of troubles

Tilokesh- Owners of three worlds

Shades – White Gorgeous

Shiva – dear to Parvati

High – extremely rough forms

Capital – Capacitors

Comfort – enemies of Cupid, who defeat darkness

Surasudan – Killers of the Dark Giant

Gangadhar – Ganga holding shoes

Lalatakshi – Eye on the forehead

Mahala – A time of blacks

Krimandhi – Karuna Khan

Fearful- Nirbhay

Suppliers – Holders of the Fence in the Hand
Marijuana – Deer in hand

Jathedar – Jathaar

Kailashwasi – residents of Kailash

Kavachi – Armor Holders

Tough – extremely strong body

Tripuraantak – Destruction of Tripurasur

Thousand – the flag of bull-mark

Dwelling – Bull Rider

Feminist Confusions – Consumers

Popular – loving people

Awasthi – Residents of the seven vowels

Tribute – Ved Vichar

Anishwar – who owns everything

​​Knowledgeable – Knowing Everything

Paramãma – highest in all souls

SomasuragyLochan – eyes with moon, sun and fire

Halli – Sacrifice with Holocaust

Wise – Sacrifice

Soma – Featuring Uma as well

Panchavakta – Five faces

Sadashiv – Regular welfare forms

Vishweshwar – The God of the World

Virbhadra – Brave and calm

Mathematicians – Owners of Ganesha

Prajapati – People who are nurturing the people

Hirirenarta – Gold fast ones

Till the Day – Not Losing Anybody

Valley – Owners of the mountains

Girishwar – Living on Kailash Mountain

Eleven – sinless or virtuous soul

Bhujangabhushan – Those who wear ornaments of snakes and snakes

Predictions – Destroyer of sins

Girdhindwa – Making the Mountain of Meru Mountains

Gregory – loving the mountain

Creative – Gazelle Wearers

Everything – Destroyer of Pigs

God – The Almighty Riches

Professor – Principal of First Classes

Mrityunjay – Winners of Death

Sukshammantu – with astral body

Jugaapaya-pervading in the world

Jaggadguru – The Master of the World

Ayomkesh – having a sky-shaped hair

Ageless – Father of Kartikeya

Techie Vikram – Beautiful feat

Streets of raging forms

Beloved – Owners of ghosts and Panchmukti

System – Flammable Kootastha

Airbuddhya – Kundalini-holders

Diagram – naked, sky-clad

Astamurti – eight forms

Ankita – Many souls


Precision – Divine Statues

Shastri – Living forever

Constructures – Containing broken fences

Aj – without birth

Pushing – Relievers

MIRROR – Happiness

Pashupati – owner of animals

God – Self-form of light

Mahadev – Devas of Gods

Need – not to be spent even after spending

Hari – Vishnu Samruparupi

Predicting Teeth Whitening

Inconsolable – unhappy

Dakhvadwahar – Destroyer of Yajna of Daksh
Everyone who sins

The Goddess-Goddess of the Godhead

Individuals – not appearing in front of the senses

Sahasrax – Infinite Eyes

Sahasadpad – infinite legs

Superstitious – giving salvation

Anant – Deshakal devoid of commodity clause


God – First God


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