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Career Of Youth In India Explained :My Experience

Today I want to express my thoughts on the career of youth in India. I have grown up in a big city in India in a middle-class family. From childhood, I was over ambitious like every other Indian boy or girl. Even I have a dream to become a doctor, engineer, cricketer, industrialist etc. 

My Story is no different

I was an average student in school by choice as I was a very lazy and hopeless student. In my studying years as well, I was too much ambitious to get name and fame but I don’t like to do hard work.

I don’t have any directions or you can say don’t have any line or profession to choose. And, I was always confused or have blurred lines in context to my career.

I am sure other student or youth who are also average student like me, are also facing a similar situation like me in their youth. Nobody is there to give them direction or they don’t know where to start from?

My Experience will help you

I don’t know what percentage of youth are like me. But there are a huge number of students and youth, who dreams big but do nothing for it. They just have a fantasy to become famous and they live in their fantasy world lifelong and destroy their career & life. What I have learned from my experience is always a doer can achieve but a dreamer can never.¬† I was all the time thinking to be rich but never was a hard worker. But when it comes to making it true in practical life, hard work & dedication is the prime requirement, which i don’t have in my school and college days? . I was always an impatient boy, who wants to get everything in no time. But slowly I understand the reality and practicality of the world.

Start Doing Stop thinking

So friends, wherever you are and whatever your circumstances might be, just don’t think too much, and put your every second to work. If you got an idea to work on it, just work on it wholeheartedly. Either you will learn or you will grow with time. If you got 100 ideas, at least one idea will work. Do hard work on your ideas you will become successful. Think sharply on your ideas and start working on it immediately. As you never know, which will gonna work because the world is full of possibilities and there are infinite probabilities. Maintain the consistency in whatever work you are doing and nothing will be impossible.

Career Of Youth – It’s Not a conclusion

This blog is for all the day dreamers, and people who live in a fantasy world. People who are living in a hope of doing something very big one day. So dear friends, the day will never come because the day is today itself. Start working on your dreams now, it will come true.